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Vermi Beds / Vermi Compost Beds

The material for making Vermibed needs to be resistant to weather and water proof. Hence HDPE & LDPE tarpaulin material are preferrably applied these days for making Vermibed. It is an original tool that is very essential for vermicomposting.

They also need to be vigorous, bendable and resistant to sun rays and heat. We manufacture best quality HDPE & LDPE tarpaulin rolls of required sizes that are made from the finest quality raw-material hence are very robust.
We put forward them at very reasonable rates. Our materials are obtainable in GSM ranging from 68 GSM to & 700 GSM.

Now-a-days many researches are done to decrease pollution. Organic farming is being popular and vermicompost is used increasingly. Put in focus the demand of vermi compost beds, we offer durable and reliable series of vermicompost beds.

It is available with reinforced holes covered with net. It helps to grow worms that plays major role in preparing vermicompost. These vermibeds are made easy to use and supervise.

It is proven ideal medium for composting due to proper aeration. With this design and material desired level of moisture level can be maintained. It is specially designed to make it safe from harmful insects.

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